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Motorola Router Login With the easiest steps

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A Brief Guide on Motorola Router Login Procedure

There can be many reasons if you are unable to set up your Motorola router or facing trouble login into your Motorola router. Also it’s easy to configure and manage the Motorola router setup if you have the correct IP of your router, the username and the router password to access Motorola router login. However, you can use this easy and simple guide discussed below if you are facing the problem of login.

Are you Using a Motorola Router and Facing some Login Problems?


Are you messing with the Motorola surfboard reset and want to know how to change wifi password Motorola surfboard? Trust us, you are not the only one who is facing this issue, many users face the same problems and search for the right solutions. Motorola has been ruling the industry for the past 20 years and is widely recognized for availing quality products in the tech industry. If you are planning to install Motorola routers then undoubtedly it is the perfect choice for your internet needs and if you are searching for the right guide on how to login to Motorola router then you are on the right page. We will explain everything you need to know in a simple language through which you can easily do Motorola router login without having trouble.


Follow the Given Steps for Motorola Router Login :

First and foremost, make sure that you are connected to your Motorola router either through Wi-Fi or through an Ethernet cable.

Secondly, open your internet browser be it Opera, Firefox, Chrome, or Explorer.

Now, in the address bar enter the default Motorola login router IP.

Navigate to commonly used IP address of the Motorola router login IP).

You can type the given URL ( in the address bar.

This will help you to reach the main login page of Motorola router login which will ask you for username and password to enter.

Now, if you don't have set any username and password then you have to type the default username "admin" and the default password "Motorola ''.

Hit "enter" and finally you will get a successful login which will enable you to see the control panel of your router.

How to change the password on a Motorola Wireless Router?

Many people might be confused about the router and Wi-Fi password as both are different. The router password is required to access the router settings, whereas the Wi-Fi password is needed for the Wi-Fi access that the users need. The experts do always recommend changing the password otherwise anyone can access it with the default password as it is easy to guess and remember. If you don’t change the password then the hacker can log in to it and can change the password as per their choice and can hijack your network. Leaving your network open and accessible can invite unwanted troubles that can introduce viruses and other unwanted problems. Since you have started using it, the security of your network is an important aspect for every user. Using your username and password is way more secure than using the default one. Using this will make your router more personal and secure.
motorola router login page

Well, if you are looking for the ways of changing your password on a Motorola Wireless Router then you must follow the given instructions.

  • Go to the web browser in the address bar and type the  commonly used IP
  • Click enter, it will navigate you to the Motorola login page. Here you will be asked to mention your username and password.
  • You can enter the default “Username: admin and Password: Motorola”.
  • Once logged in, you will be on the admin panel of the Motorola modem router
  • Now navigate to status and security and to change the Motorola login router password you have to follow the instructions given on the screen.
  • Now after making the required changes, click on save and make sure the changes have been applied to the router.

Ways to reset Motorola Routers.

Resetting the Motorola router for Motorola router setup is a way easier than your imagination. Just one thing that you must keep in mind that the entire process to reset your router will erase the internal memory of your router. In case you don’t remember your password or you want to start from the fresh then router resetting will restore factory defaults. To reset the Motorola router follow the steps mentioned below:


Most frequent questions and answers

Motorola router login is the easiest process; you just need to type this URL in your browser’s address bar. When you will enter this URL a login box will appear in front of you. There you have to enter your user’s name and password, be sure that word must be in lower case. Press ok and your Motorola router login will be done.

Routers usually came with default settings that mean they will be having default settings for login. Usually both the user name and passwords are “admin” in default setting but sometimes user change them according to their will. If you have changed it and now you forgot it then you can reset your Motorola router’s password by resetting the router, after reset you will lose all the setting you have done and it will restore to its old factory settings.

 To change your wifi password for Motorola router type your router’s IP address on the browser of your choice, after login find the WLAN or wifi setting on the login page, put the new password and save it. Remember to set a strong password for the security purpose. Save the settings and exit.

the first thing you need to do is login to your router then search for the firmware’s latest version, if there is any update of new firmware then download it on your device. Open the administrator page of your router where you can update the latest firmware you have downloaded then proceed further. Router update will definitely take some time till then make sure that not to turn off the router’s power, when the update will be completed it will reboot itself, just do the login again and it done.

If you are not able to login to your Motorola router then first try to charge your router and modem and try log in again, if this step won’t work, then there must be problem with connection cable try to directly connect the computer to the router with ethernet cable. Figure out that LAN ports are working. Disabling the VPN can also work sometimes.

For accessing the Motorola modem login IP your device must be connected to LAN. You can also access it through this url. After typing this, the loading of the page can take some time. After the page is load check for status report. Enter the default login details to proceed further.