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Reset Motorola Router Password Using

How To Reset Motorola Router Password Using

Routers are essential in the ever-changing world of technology because they let us connect to the internet without interruption. But occasionally, you might need to change the password on your Motorola router possibly because you lost it or you want more security. Using the widely used default gateway,, go through the process of changing the password on your Motorola router in this post and how to reset Motorola router.

  • Getting to the Page for Router Configuration: To initiate the process of changing the password, you must gain access to the router’s settings page. Type “” into the address box and hit Enter.
  • Logging into the Router: Once you’ve accessed the router’s configuration page, you’ll be prompted to log in. Enter these details and click “Login” or press Enter.
  • Navigating to the Password Reset Section: Once you’ve logged in successfully, find the place where you can reset your password. Depending on the router model, this could change significantly, but it’s usually located under the “Wireless” or “Security” options.
  • Change Your Password: You should be able to modify or reset the password after you’ve found the password reset section. To change the password, adhere to the on-screen directions. For increased security, selecting a strong and distinctive password is advised.
  • Conserving Modifications: Make sure to save the modifications after entering the new password. On the setup page, look for a “Save” or “Apply” button.
  • Trying the New Password: To confirm that the password reset was successful, attempt to log in to the router using the new credentials. You’ve reset your Motorola router password successfully if you can log in without any problems.

Resetting a Motorola router can improve its performance.

  • Find the Motorola router reset button. Usually, the device has a small, recessed button on the bottom or rear.
  • Consider backing up your router’s settings before resetting. Make a note of any custom setups, including WiFi network names and passwords.
  • Turn the router off, wait ten to fifteen seconds, and then turn it back on if it’s acting strangely but isn’t completely unresponsive. Without doing a complete reset, this could fix little problems.
  • A factory reset should be carried out for more serious problems. Spend at least 30 seconds holding down the reset button. By doing this, the router is returned to its factory configuration. Keep in mind that doing so removes all customised settings.
  • Adjust the router’s configuration after a reset. Configure the passwords, names, and any other special settings for your WiFi. To make these adjustments, use the web interface on the router.
  • For assistance, get in touch with Motorola customer care if issues continue. They can offer advice tailored to your router model and assist with problem-solving.

End thoughts

These easy instructions will walk you through the process of using to reset the password on your Motorola router. Keeping your router password secure and up to date is essential to have a dependable and secure internet connection. You make the internet a safer place for everyone on your network and for yourself by taking the time to reset your password when necessary.