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The process to Reset your Motorola Router

The process to Reset your Motorola Router

The availability of networking devices such as routers, extenders, and others have made it way easier for the users to connect online and to easily establish the setup. But, like other electronic devices, these routers and extenders have their own hardware and software issues that can bring some stress to the users. Now if you are a user of the Motorola Router and some errors prompted you to reset your Motorola Router. Then, in this article, you will get a detailed explanation of how to perform a Motorola router reset in easy steps.

Well, there are two different ways through which the users can reset their Motorola router one is “Reset Motorola router via the Admin tool” and the second is “Reset Motorola router via using the push button”. Both ways can help the users to successfully execute the reset process. The steps to reset Motorola router are described below:-

Reset Motorola Router via the Admin tool

  • Firstly, link your device directly (computer, smartphone, or laptop) to the network of the Motorola router.
  • Once you have connected your device, open any browser and type the default address in the address bar of your browser.
  • Now you will get to see the Motorola router login page on your screen that will further prompt the users to type in the details of user login, that is username and password.
  • After entering the default username and password in the given tab, hit on “OK”.
  • Once you are done, you will be registered with the administrator tool.
  • After this, Navigate the restore on the troubleshooting menu.
  • Press the restore button, then press OK.
  • Now once you have confirmed, give some time to the router to reboot.
  • After that, you have finally completed your Motorola router reset.

Reset the Motorola Router via using the push button

Resetting your Motorola router by using the push button is the easiest process as you don’t have to put your brain into setting up for entering the details. Just keep these facts in mind to perform the resetting process:-

  • Make sure the router is correctly plugged in.
  • Secondly, you must know that you can use the pins or sharp objects to push the reset button that is located on the back panel of your router.
  • Once you press the button, make sure that you hold it inward for around five minutes.
  • Release the button when you see the LED light is on, after releasing the button give time for the router to power up.
  • Now reconfigure the settings for proper operation.

Final thoughts

Resetting the Motorola router not only enhances performance but also removes the errors that are causing software issues or hardware errors. Sometimes, you may have unknowingly changed your setting which causes the connection problem. Once you successfully reset the Motorola router you will notice that the settings will automatically turn to factory resetting. This means all the settings that were manually done by the users will get deleted. However, this will make your Motorola router as good as new. If you are not able to reset your router even after following these instructions then you must reach out to our Motorola support team. Our experts who are versatile in their work will inspect your errors and will eliminate your problem as soon as possible.