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My surfboard wi-fi network is safe and secure

How can I make sure My surfboard wi-fi network is safe and secure?

Having a safe and reliable internet connection is the utmost need in today’s world. With the advancement in technology the danger of cyber threats is also rising that is why protecting your family and yourself from these threats must be the primary thing. In this blog you will get to know that how you can establish the safe and reliable wifi network for Mototrola surfboard.

  • Ensure that your network’s encryption is enable to prevent the snooping and illegal access of your wifi network. Motorola surfboard support WPA2 And WPA3 network so enable the main level of encryption that your device provides and also dodge using WEP.
  • Keep your Motorola surfboard router’s firmware up-to-date to avoid the susceptibilities. Firmware updates are the essential part to keep your router’s working smooth and effective. These update fixes all the issues that your router might be facing like bug fixes, security patches and adding more new features for effective working of the router. To update the firmware, you should keep regular check on the update provided by the manufacturers.
  • If you will use easily recognizable names of your network then it will be easier for hackers to identify your network and will cause threat for your data security. Don’t use default details as these details can easily retrieve your routers model number which will make the way of hacker easier to access your information.
  • By disabling your SSID broadcasting you can save your network from the intruders as it will not be visible to them. Keep unique name for your SSID also make sure not to include any personal information to keep intruders away.
  • If you are using Motorola surfboard wifi network with multiple devices then try network segmentation to protect your network. Create separate subnetworks for guest and keep the main network for yourself. By doing this you can limit the network access and alleviate the probable menace which can be done because of multiple device connections.
  • Specify the devices which are connected with your network by MAC that is media access control. The enabling of this feature will help you to recognise the authorized and unauthorized devices, this feature denies the access to unofficial devices and help in protecting your network.
  • After securing the SSID you should protect the network password also and this can be done by changing the default password and keeping the new but strong password. If you will use the common things to create the password then you are inviting the risk, you can use password manager to make and keep a strong and safe password.
  • If you are not aware of how to change wifi password Motorola surfboard then use Motorola’s IP address on web browser to get the login page and log in with your safe credentials, then go to the wifi settings and find the password setting section, choose wifi password change password, change the password and save it. Apply the changes and reconnect to your device with new password.


With these easy execute steps make your wifi network of Motorola surfboard safe and reliable. If you face any issue in the execution call our experts to get the effective resolutions.