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How to setup a motorola modem with a router?

How to Setup a Motorola Modem With a Router?

Router allows the users to login into account and gain access to configure their network or router settings. Various networking tools, such as Motorola routers, have unique IP addresses that serve as access points during the login process. Are you trying to setup a motorola modem with a router?  Then you need to login first. For the very first time Motorola assigned an IP address as well as a username and password but you can change later by yourself.

Apart from this you need to type a recommended IP address (mentioned IP address or in the search window (address bar) of your internet browser, then hit enter to connect your motorola router. After getting the connection, you have to input your username and password.

Setup a Motorola Modem With a Router

Before attempting to access your router, follow the two simple steps outlined below.

Setup via internet connection:

  • First and probably most important, ensure that your router has a stable internet connection. If the led light is not fluttering and internet light is steady, it means the motorola router successfully connects to internet (wifi)connection.
  • You need to contact technical team to resolve if internet is not working. Restart the router and modem after checking the cables.

Link up to your network.

  • Once you have created a connection to the internet, then users try to connect any device to the network.
  • Wifi and Ethernet are both steady options to use with the network. For more stable connection go with ethernet but if you want to create connection with wifi then you have to hold on completely inside this router’s range.

Step by Step Guidance to access the Router using Internet Browser

To gain access to your motorola router, follow these steps below:-

  • To connect directly to the motorola router, you need to write or (router IP address) address bar into the webbrowser and tap enter right away to reach the router network setup page.
  • Fill the correct login details (Username & Password) once you enter the appropriate IP address into your address bar.
  • You are now connected to the Motorola router admin panel after entering the accurate login credentials.

The following items are required to connect a Motorola Modem to a Router via an Ethernet cable.

  • Modem
  • Router
  • Two Ethernet cables
  • Coaxial cable
  • You need cables to connect modem and router

Remove existing modem from outlet, pc and more to connect with new modem. Read these few steps to setup a motorola modem with router.

  • First make a connection with the coaxial cable, then to the modem.
  • Afterwards, one side of the ethernet cable connects with the modem and the opposite side connects with WAN.
  • To carry on with this procedure power cable connect with electrical sockets and different side with router.
  • The other one ethernet cable attached on the router port 1 and for higher speeds connect with pc and more.
  • At the end, if you saw a led light on the router and modem that means you can ensure connectivity between the network and your system (computer).

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