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Green Blinking Led On Motorola Mb8600 reasons And Solutions

Green Blinking Led On Motorola Mb8600:reasons And Solutions

Internet connection is required for everywhere in this digital era, it has become the crucial part of our life. Motorola router modem MB8600 works as a dual-purpose unit which combines the functions of both router and modem to provide the high-speed compatibilities. If you have Motorola router modem MB8600 and it is blinking green light then your router must be facing some issue that needs to be resolved to get the seamless experience of internet connection. in this blog we will unravel the causes behind this issue and will also suggest you the solution to overcome this trouble.

Know the causes of blinking green light on your Motorola router

  • Sometimes because of initial setup or after the power cycling of the modem it needs to establish the connection with your ISP and the blinking green light means that it is in the syncing process with your ISP’s network. This blinking can dwindle after the linking is conventional.
  • During the firmware update your modem can blink the green light to indicate that the process is still in process. Firmware updates can be received through manufacturers to enhance the overall compatibility and working of your modem. The blinking will terminate once the update is comprehended.
  • If the various devices are connected with your modem, then the network congestion can occur because of it, the data will also get reduced so the modem can indicate this issue to you with green blinking light and it will disappear when the network traffic will subside.
  • If there are configuring issues with the ISP then your modem will signify this issue with green blinking light, this can be because of error in establishment of the connection with the network servers. This issue can also arise because of incorrect account settings.
  • Physical obstructions and electronic devices can interfere with signal that can create issue in maintaining the stable connection so you can spot this green blinking light on your modem.

Troubleshoot the issue with these helpful tips

  • Check with your ISP if there is any maintenance task going on or any outrage is reported that is affecting your network connection.
  • Power cycling the modem can eradicate this blinking green light issue. Just disconnect the modem from power source for few seconds and fix it in again.
  • Verify that all the hardware and cables that are used in connection are in sound condition otherwise you can replace them with the sound ones.
  • Check your manufacturer’s website if there is any new updated version available for your modem and upgrade it if there is.
  • Sometime resetting the router can work and resolve this issue. If you want to know how to reset Motorola router then you can visit our website.

Final Thoughts

If these reasons and solutions won’t work the you should contact the ISP or talk to our experts by visiting our website, we assure you for the reliable and instant solutions.