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Motorola Modem Not Connecting To Internet

Motorola Modem Not Connecting To Internet

The more we are digitizing the more internet speed and reliability is needed. Whether it is for work place, home or other fancy places, internet is required everywhere, but not only internet but its speed and sturdiness as well. Motorola modem is one such object that help in increasing the reliability, speed and sturdiness of internet service and being a tech-based thing the possibility of occurring some issues is there but don’t you can sort out the modem’s connectivity issue with the help of this blog.

  • Start by checking all the physical connections like connection with electrical outlet, modem link through wires. Make sure they are rightly plugged in. If there will be loose connection then facing the connectivity is fairly possible. Thoroughly check the power sources and wires if there is any fault in them, they need to be replaced.
  • Check the Motorola setup instruction again and make sure you have executed it rightly.
  • Restart or reboot your router by unplugging its main wire from the power source wait and put it back in again it will get restart on its own and will connect to the modem with needing outer effort but this is helpful in only those situations where you are having minor connection issues.
  • Check the coaxial cable who is responsible for transmitting internet data to your Motorola modem, this cable must be in sound position and if found damage replace it with new as soon as possible.
  • You must be aware of the firmware updates, usually all connectivity issues resolved with update of firmware, these firmware updates also improve device performance and fix the connectivity issue. To check about the firmware updates, you must visit the manufacture’s website.
  • Contact you ISP if you find that your other devices are also facing same connection issue, these issues can also arise if there is physical damage to the wires because of maintenance task.
  • Sometimes firewalls or antiviruses can also interrupt the connection of modem, by temporarily disabling this security software you can come out of the persisting issue and when it gets completely resolved you can enable them again.
  • The last and effective solution is resetting to reset your modem you have to press the button of reset that you can easily find on the modem itself. Hold for few moments and release after noticing the LED light on it. You have to use the paper clip or some sharp object to press the button as it is usually inside a tiny whole on the modem and also remember that it will erase all the manual setting so you have to apply them again including the Motorola router setup.


Facing these connectivity issue can often be troublesome and irritating but with the help of these tips you can resolve them and in case these tips won’t work to resolve your query then you can contact our professionally trained expert team to get rapid solution with utmost effectiveness.