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Why Does Motorola Router Constantly Losing Internet?

Why Does Motorola Router Constantly Losing Internet?

For stable network connection routers are important and picking up the best one is also a difficult task. Motorola router is not only popular but it is also in the industry for a long time. If you have installed Motorola router in your home and it is not connecting to wifi then your router might need a reliable solution. Read this blog if you are facing connectivity issue with your router.

  • Congested network and solution- if there are many devices connected to your router then its network can get congested. Downloading heavy files, gaming and live video streaming can raise this issue. Many devices connected to your router can strain network’s bandwidth and lead you in losing the internet. To solve this, you can either limit the number of devices connected to your router network or bring Motorola router’s advance version with QoS quality so that it can prioritize certain types of network traffic and provide you the smooth online experience.
  • Outdated firmware version – outdated firmware versions can lead you in losing the internet connection. So, you must be sure that your router is working on the latest version of firmware. Firmware updates works in eradicating the compatibility and connectivity issues. Official visit to Motorola’s website is required for this and check for the update if available then get its and save it.
  • Wireless interference and solution- because of the electronic gadgets interference you can face many issues included connectivity problems. Physical barriers like thick walls, some big objects can also create issues. You must place your router in the central location of your place and be sure that there is no physical obstruction, you can upgrade your router to minimize the interference.
  • Frequency issue and solution- check the compatibility of your router and its frequency channel, you can visit the site or can check it on the router’s manual whether it works on the 2.4GHz or 5GHz. Upgrade the channel and adjust the frequency according to your device’s compatibility.
  • Overheating and solution- router produce heat when they are working and this excessive heat can also cause the internet losing. You must place it in the place there is proper ventilation, good airflow and you can also use the small fan or cooling pad to dissipate the heat.
  • ISP issues and solution- not every time your router can be at fault there can be issue with your ISP as well, there can be technical issue at there ends or can be outages so you must figure out it that if something is going on in your area about internet services and contact them to resolve it soon.
  • Aging router and solution- connectivity issue can also occur when your router is an outdated model, with the passage of time there are too many additions and improvements in router so you must update your router to the newest version.
  • Resetting- resetting can also resolve your connectivity issue so if you don’t know how to reset Motorola router then either check the device manual or visit our website to know about its full process.


You must be patient while handling any issue with the Motorola router and having some knowledge about it is also required, if you want to know more then visiting our website can be a benefitting step for you.